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When used as a seizure medication, Klonopin does a good job of controlling certain types of seizures. While this medication can greatly help to control a seizure disorder, it will not cure it. And, it can take a few weeks for a seizure patient to feel the full benefit of Klonopin. When being used to relieve panic attacks, this drug works by decreasing the abnormal electrical activity of the brain that causes a person to feel extreme fear and worry. This medication is only available in tablet form that quickly dissolves in the mouth. It is typically prescribed to be taken one to three times per day with our without food.

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There are some side effects of Klonopin to be aware of. The least serious side effects include feeling dizzy, drowsy, unsteadiness, coordination problems, forgetfulness, drooling, blurred vision and frequent urination. More serious side effects that require immediate medical attention include swelling of the face, breathing difficulties and hives.

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